Taxonomy of meanings for 力:

    • nab.adVin strength, regarding strength or power
    • nabactfeats of physical strength
    • nabfeaturepower, effect
    • nabstativephysical strength; physical force
    • nadNstrong
    • vifigurativebe forceful and convincing, strong and energetic
    • vtoNcausativecause (oneself) to be constitutionally (not just temporarily) strong
    • nab(.post-N)the strength of N
    • influence of N
    • nadVusing (often: all one's) strength, powerfully, with one's power/strength; with all one's strength 力田 "work hard in agriculture"
    • have the strength to> 力ABLE
      • nabdispositionextent of one's ability, physical capacity
    • generally: intensive> 力INTENSELY
        病力 “disease is serious”
    • strong potential> 力ENERGY
      • nabpsychnon-physical strength, functional potential (of eyes or the mind); personal energy
      • nab.adVwith all one's energy, with all one's might
      “physical” 力小而任重 “mental”
      • use energy>WORK
        • nabactstrenuous manual labour; meritorious effort, meritorious contribution; exercise of strength, powerful effort; contribution
        • v[adN]pluralthose who work hard
        • viactput in energetic work, work hard
        • vt+prep+NPab{ACT}work hard at
        • vt+V[0]use all one's strength on, do one's best in (weaving and housework)
        • vtoNwork hard at
        “labour; corvée”
        • meritorious work> 力MERIT
        • use energy for an aim>力STRIVE FOR
          • vtoNstrive for, try with all one's might to obtain
          • vtoNpassivebe striven for with all one's might
        • energetical in service>力DILIGENT
          • nadVinstrumentwith all one's might, all one can
        • use energy to say>力INSIST
          • social strength and influence 力POWER
            • nabsocial(military or political) strength and influence; effective power
            • nadNpowerful
            • what gives power> 力ARMY