Taxonomy of meanings for 封:

  • 封 fēng (OC: poŋ MC: pioŋ) 府容切 平 廣韻:【封古文 】
  • 封 fēng (OC: poŋ MC: pioŋ) 府容切 平 廣韻:【大也國也厚也爵也亦姓望出渤海本姜姓炎帝之後封鉅爲黄帝師又望出河南後魏官氏志云是賁氏後改爲封氏府容切五 】
      • nborder marked by raised earth marked with trees; 四封,封洫generally: border
      • vt+prep+Nmake a boundary at
      • vtoNdemarcate, outline the boundary of
      • what it encloses>TERRITORY
        • nEastern Zhou: piece of bounded territory (usually that of a state, and typically one a person is invested with) 爾封 "your feoff"
      • be shut in by>SHUT
        • vtoNbe hemmed in by
      • heap up earth>ACCUMULATE
        • viactaccumulate earth> make a heap
        • for funeral purposes>BURY
          • object>HEAP
            • nheap LIE 成封 "form a heap"
          • for sacrificial purposes>SACRIFICE
            • viactconduct the feng sacrifice
            • specifi>SACRIFICE TO HEAVEN AND EARTH
              • nabactthe Feng sacrifice
              • viactperform the Feng sacrifice
              • vtoNperform the Feng sacrifice to (a Mountain, e.g. Mount Tài)
              • symobol erected on such mound> STELE 10
        • define boundaries of territory defined as to be governed by>APPOINT
          • vadNenfeoffed
          • vtoNenfeoff (a person)
          • vttoN.+V[0]enfoeff N to V
          • vtoNpassivebe appointed
          • nabactappointments
          • formal instauration>INSTALL
            • nenfeofment; feof
            • nab.tactenfeofment (of someone N)
            • nab.tactenfeofment by someone N
            • vadNenfeoffed (territory), held as a feof
            • vadNN=humenfeoffed
            • vt(+N{PIVOT}.)+Vappoint a contextually determinate person to V
            • vt(oN)give a feof to contextually determinate persons
            • vt+.Vt[0]oNpassiveenfeof (someone determinate N1) to become an N2
            • vt+prep+N{PLACE}passivebe enfeoffed at
            • vtoNenfeof; reinfeof, reinstall
            • vtoNpassivebe enfeoffed; receive a fief
            • vtoNreflexive.自get (oneself) enfeoffed
            • vttoN.+prep+N{PLACE}enfeof N1 in N2 於x or 以x
            • vttoN1:postvtoN2give the territory N2 to N1 as a feof
        • set boundary so as to seal letters etc>SEAL
            • send as sealed letter>SEND
            • grammaticalised: quantitative measure word for bounded territories>CLASSIFIERS
              • grammaticalised: measure word for sealed letters:CLASSIFIERS
              • with liquid>COVER
                • ARISTOCRATS OF QI
                  • =豐
                • 封 fèng (OC: poŋs MC: pioŋ) 方用切 去 廣韻:【又方容切 】
                  • =葑
                • 封 bian3 《集韻》陂驗切,去驗,幫。