Taxonomy of meanings for 山:

  • shān (OC: sreen MC: ʃɯæn) 所閒切 平 廣韻:【廣雅曰山産也能産萬物説文曰山宣也宣气𢿱生萬物又姓周有山師之官掌山林後以官爲氏或云古烈山氏之後望出河内所間切三 】
    • shān 山MOUNTAIN
      • nmountain of rock; mountain (occasionally not of rock, and even man-made)
      • nabthe mountain (as such)
      • nadVplacein the mountains
      • npost=NprN=placethe Mountain X
      • burial mound>TOMB
        • noccasionally, like qiū 丘, used for the tumulus of an imperial tomb, as in 陵山. In 水經注 the word has come to refer specifically to a Han tomb.