Taxonomy of meanings for 群:

  • qún (OC: ɡlun MC: ɡiun) 渠云切 平 廣韻:【羣隊也説文輩也亦作群渠云切五 】
    • GROUP
      • vtoNgather something into a group; pile up
      • nflock; group
      • nadNquantifiera flock of
      • nadVin a flock, together; by groups
      • viactbe gregarious, form groups, participate in groups
      • vichangeform a flock
      • generic>PEOPLE
        • nthe masses
      • political>FACTION
        • ncollectiveclique
        • vt+prep+Nband together with
    • action: form cooperative groups>COOPERATE
        • grammaticalised: the numerous>PLURAL PREFIXES
          •{NUM}plural prefix 五百群賊
          • nadNplural prefix
          • exhaustive: all the>ALL
            • nadNdefinitethe whole flock, all the various
            • nadVall of them as a flock; all