Taxonomy of meanings for 路:

  • lù (OC: ɡ-raaɡs MC: luo) 洛故切 去 廣韻:【道路亦大也周禮曰合方氏掌達天下之道路爾雅曰一達謂之道路又姓本自帝摯之後出陽平襄城陳留安定東陽河南等六望洛故切十三 】
    • WAY
      • nwide road suitable for carts (as means of communication)
      • nabtravel route; lines of retreat or movement; line of communication to move through
      • nabfigurativethe "road" 義路也,禮門也
      • nadVplacein the streets, on the road; on the way
      • nabsocialpath towards promotion and success
      • abstract>METHOD
        • nabfigurativethe right path; the proper path to follow in public life 義人之正路也
      • use>TRAVEL
        • nabacttravels
        • vtoNtravel via CC 路不周
        • place reached by>REGION
          • =輅 instrument:ruler’s big>CARRIAGE
            • ncarriage
            • feature>BIG