Taxonomy of meanings for 燕:

  • 燕 yàn (OC: qeens MC: ʔen) 於甸切 去 廣韻:【説文云玄鳥也作巢避戊巳 】
    • BIRDS
      • nswallow
    • =宴FEAST
      • vtoNSHI 35: hold a private feast for(for one's new wife); SHI 217; for friendship
      • viactlay on a private feast
      • nLY 16.5 feasting; CC, shangshi: festive joy; feast
      • vadNfestive, delivered on the occasion of public entertainments
      • vt[oN]causativelay on a feast (less formal than the 享)
      • feature>LEISURE
        • vadVon leisurely occasions; at leisure
        • viacthave a good time; be quietlly at one's ease
      • overfamiliar>INTIMATE
    • 燕 yān (OC: qeen MC: ʔen) 烏前切 平 廣韻:【國名亦州又姓邵公奭封燕爲秦所滅子孫以國爲氏漢有燕倉又於薦切 】
        • STATES
          • nprname of a state
          • npr.adNbelonging to Yan; of Yan