Taxonomy of meanings for 留:

  • 留 liú (OC: b-ru MC: liu) 力求切 平 廣韻:【住也止也説文作畱亦姓出㑹稽本自衞大夫留封人之後後漢末避地㑹稽遂居東陽爲郡豪族吴志有左將留賛 】
    • REMAIN
      • viSHI, SHU: remain in place, stay
      • vimiddle voicebe delayed
      • vt(oN)stay in the contextually determinate place
      • vt(oN)causativecause a contextually determinate N to remain where he is (one could speak of two omitted objects)
      • vtoNcausativecause to stay with one; cause (somebody N) to remain in the position or place currently occupied
      • vtoNcausativecause to remain > leave behind
      • vtoNN=placeremain in a place
      • vttoN1.postN2causativecause (someone/something N2) to remain (in a place N1)
      • nabcausativefigurative: the retaining of a given textual alternative
      • vtoNcausativecause N to remain in place
      • remain loyal to>RALLY
        • vtoNgather around
      • causative: cause to remain with one>ACCEPT
          • continuative>KEEP
              • abstract: hold onto>HOLD
            • cause to accept as a gift>GIVE
              • vtoNleave behind
            • causative: detain>ARREST
              • feature>ENDURING
                  • feature: persevere in one's attitude>STUBBORN
                    • viactbehave in a stubborn way
                  • causative: persist for a time in inaction>DELAY
                    • vtoNdelay
            • 留 liù (OC: b-rus MC: liu) 力救切 去 廣韻:【宿留停待也宿音秀 】
            • 留 liu3 《集韻》力九切,上有,來。