Taxonomy of meanings for 更:

  • 更 gèng (OC: kraaŋs MC: kɯaŋ) 古孟切 去 廣韻:【易也改也説文作㪅古孟切又古衡切一 】
    • AGAIN
      • vadVanother time, yet again; once more; also plural: more times in the future
      • temporal>FUTURE
        • vadVhenceforth
      • additive>MOREOVER
        • intensitive>INTENSELY
          • vadV{NEG}(not) at all
          • comparative>MORE
            • vadVstill more, (before negatives) still less ZUO
            • vadV.postSall the more (given that S)
            • vad.VtoNreference=N(Vt) more N
            • differentiating>OTHER
              • v.adVt1+.Vt2+N reference=Nanother object, a new object
              • vad.VtoNreference=object(VERB) another (OBJECT) 更立法 "establish other laws"
              • vadNanother (day); another (object)
              • vadVto someone else, in favour of someone else; someone else; something else
    • 更 gēng (OC: kraaŋ MC: kɯaŋ) 古行切 平 廣韻:【代也償也改也又古孟切 】
      • CHANGE
        • vadVby way of introducing a change intended to constitute an improvement; in a way so as to try to improve and change things
        • vt[oN]actget to change, change one's orientation
        • vt[oN]actmake amends; make up for things, change oneself for the better; try to change to the better
        • vt(oN)change it; change the contextually determinate object
        • vt+V[0]change or improve so as to V
        • vtoNrevise; amend; redefine; try to improve; to make the proper changes to, typically by duly replacing something by a newer version of it
        • vtoNpassiveget changed with the intention of improvement
        • vtt(oN1.)+N2change the contextually determinate thing N1 into N2
        • viprocessget better; improve
        • vtoNchange the character of
        • and replace>REPLACE
          • vadVby way of replacement, instead
          • vtoNreplace and change into something new
          • vttoN1.+vtoN2replace N1 with N2
          • recompense service with suitable recompense>REWARD
            • of military service until change of guard or office>PERIOD
              • nabwatch of the night (divided into five two-hour periods, wǔgēng 五更, the first starting at 7 p.m.)
          • so as to conform with>ADJUST
              • well adjusted>GOOD
            • pass through>CROSS OVER
              • grammaticalised>CLASSIFIERS