Taxonomy of meanings for 獸:

  • 獸 shòu (OC: qjus MC: ɕiu) 舒救切 去 廣韻:【説文曰守備者周禮曰獸人掌罟田獸辨其物名字林曰兩足曰禽四足曰獸 】
    • BEAST
      • nadVanalogy(treat, raise) as animal; (live) like a beast
      • nmcollectivegenerally: four-legged animal of a certain size which are liable to run away when hunted; 百獸"all manner of wild animals"; NB: one may also rear wild animals in parks 養獸
    • TABOO
        (instead of 虎)
      • =狩HUNT
        • vt[oN]hunt (one example only, later quotations of the Shijing verse read 狩