Taxonomy of meanings for 材:

  • 材 cái (OC: sɡɯɯ MC: dzəi) 昨哉切 平 廣韻:【木挺也 】
    • TIMBER
      • nmtimber
      • generalised, abstract: human usefulness for>TALENT
        •{NUM}dispositiongift, talent 多材
        • nabdispositionpromising faculties, promising talents
        • nadNgifted, talented
        • vigradedbe talented, be worthy; be promising 才甚 very talented
        • nsubjectpersons of talent
        • npost-Nabthe talent of N-ing
        • n{PRED}post-Nabhave the talent to V See FAYAN 21.1 皆諸侯卿相之才 "(Confucius' discioples) all had the talent to become feudal lords and senior ministers"
        • v[adN]the talented; the more talented
        • nab(post-N)talent
        •[adN2]dispositionmen of the talents of an N
        • exophoric, capable person>HUMAN
          • grammaticalised>ABLE
          • object made of>COFFIN
            • generalised: useful>SUBSTANCE
              • nmnonreferentialmaterial substance of any kind
          • DECIDE
            • RICH
              • SIDE
                • INTERJECTION (哉)