Taxonomy of meanings for 謹:

  • 謹 jǐn (OC: klɯnʔ MC: kɨn) 居隱切 上 廣韻:【絜也愼也居隱切十一 】
      • nab.tactdiligent attention to N
      • nabactdiligence
      • nabdispositiondiligence;
      • vadNmeticulous, painstaking
      • vadVpainstakingly, diligently, carefully; meticulously; unfailingly 謹而
      • vibe (overly) meticulous, be fastidious???
      • viactbe diligent; be meticulous; be assiduous; show diligence
      • vpostadVtoNgradeddiligently; with diligent attention to detail 遇客甚謹
      • vt+prep+Nbe diligent about, pay painstaking attention to
      • vt+V[0]be careful to V
      • vtoNactbe diligent about, take pains with; devote oneself meticulously to; be meticulous on the point of; be vigilant regarding
      • vtoNcausativecause to be diligent
      • vtoNpassivebe paid painstaking attention to
      • vtoNpsychpay diligent attention to, pay close attention to; be carefully attentive to
      • vt(oN)pay diligent attention to
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