Taxonomy of meanings for 怨:

  • 怨 yuàn (OC: qons MC: ʔʷiɐn) 於願切 去 廣韻:【恨也説文恚也於願切二 】
    • HATE
      • nabactresentful behaviour against superiors
      • nabpsychintense resentment (typically against superiors)
      • vadNresentful (words, women etc); spiteful (words)
      • vichangebecome resentful
      • vt(oN)feel resentment against a contextually determinate person
      • vt[oN]be resentful (typically towards superiors), be full of resentment; be full of resentment to each other
      • vt+prep+Sbe resentful that S (which can be a minor sentence and therefore hard to distinguish on any solid basis from a V)
      • vtoNfeel a lasting aggressive anger and hatred for (often superiors); feel intensely resentful about the fact that; resent; gear a grudge against
      • vtoNcausativecause to hate one> arouse resentment in
      • vtoNpassiveincur the resentment of
      • vtoNpsychresent (oneself)
      • vtoSbe resentful that S
      • nab.t:+prep+Nhatred for
      • vtoNPab{S}figurativeresent that S
      • vt+prep+Nstativefeel resentful or hateful towards N
      • directed against N
      • vtoNN=nonhuhate (actions etc)
      • vt[oN]hate one's superiors
      • declarative, moral>BLAME
        • vtoNto blame N with resentment
      • declarative, intellectual>CRITICISE
      • resultative, reaction> GRIEVE
    • 怨 yuān (OC: qon MC: ʔʷiɐn) 於袁切 平 廣韻:【怨讎又於願切 】
      • exocentric>ENEMY
        • =冤屈