Taxonomy of meanings for 川:

  • 川 chuān (OC: khjon MC: tɕʰʷiɛn) 昌緣切 平 廣韻:【山川也蔡邕月令章句曰衆流注海曰川釋名曰川者穿也穿地而流也 】
    • RIVER
      • nriver, stream
      • npluralrivers; streams
      • nadVacross the river, over the river 巖居川觀 "live up among the rocks and look over the rivers, i.e. live in hiding"
    • late colloquial>BOIL
      • vtoNboil very brieftly (about 10 seconds) innards, fish, or tender meat, in water or in clear soup in order to remove an undesirable taste. The operation may be repeated several times.