Taxonomy of meanings for 龍:

  • lóng (OC: b-roŋ MC: lioŋ) 力鍾切 平 廣韻:【通也和也寵也鱗蟲之長也易曰雲從龍又姓舜納言龍之後力鍾切九 】
    • DRAGON
      • ndragon[BUDDH: in the Buddhist context dragons (SANSKRIT nāga) are regarded as one of the eight kind of beings who protect the Buddhist teachings]
      • nadNdragon-like
      • nadNinvolving Ndragon-patterned; embellished with dragon-patterns
      • nadVanalogylike a dragon
      • ncandle dragon; 8.5
      • concrete>HORSE
        • ndragon-style horse (sometimes written with horse radical)
        • nadNdragon-like (horse)