Taxonomy of meanings for 競:

  • 競 jìng (OC: ɡraŋs MC: ɡɯiaŋ) 渠敬切 去 廣韻:【俗競 】
  • 競 jìng (OC: ɡreŋs MC: ɡɯiaŋ) 渠敬切 去 廣韻:【爭也強也逐也高也遽也渠敬切七 】
      • nabactcontention; competition
      • vadVin competition with each other
      • vt[oN]compete for supremacy; engage in competition with each other; feel competitive with each other
      • vt+prep+Nvie for, compete for; compete in 競於; also: compete with 競於楚
      • vt+V[0]compete with with all one's strength to V, vie with others in Ving
      • vtoNcompete for, compete with
    • HURRY
      • ARGUE
        • SUDDENLY
          • LABOUR
            • vt+V[0]struggle to, make every effort to
          • STRONG
            • vibe ready for competition, be competitive> be vigorous and energetic, be in good shape; often used with negative: 不競
          • EQUAL
            • BORDER