Taxonomy of meanings for 忘:

  • wáng (OC: maŋ MC: mʷiɐŋ) 武方切 平 廣韻:【 】
  • wàng (OC: maŋs MC: mʷiɐŋ) 巫放切 去 廣韻:【遺忘又音亡 】
    • FORGET
      • vtoNcome to forget (some thing); overlook, be oblivious of, forget about, cease to think about; come to fail to pay proper attention to what one is surely aware of
      • vt+V[0]forget to V
      • vt[oN]forget things; forget about things; be oblivious of what one is doing
      • vtoNreflexive.身forget (oneself) EXAMPLES???
      • vtoNreflexive.己forget all about oneself
      • vt(oN)forget the contextually determinate thing
      • vtoNreflexive.自forget oneself
      • vtoNpassivebe forgotten
      • psychological action>DISREGARD
        • vtoNforget about> ignore, neglect; disregard (sometimes: the fact that S); fail to pay proper careful attention to, heed, fail to be mindful of
        • vt(oN)to forget about (a contextually determinate object)
        • vt+prep+Ncome to disregard; keep disregarding
        • vtoNpsychforget all about (oneself)
        • vtoNpsychdisregard (oneself), forget all about (oneself)
        • vtoNreflexive.身neglect one's own person; pay no heed to one's own interests
        • vtoNpassivebe disregarded; be neglected
        • vtoNab{S}disregard the fact of S
        • physical action>NEGLECT
          • vt+V[0]neglectfully cease to be mindful of; neglectfully forget about V-ing
          • vtoNcease to be mindful of; fail to be diligent with respect to; fail to take proper account of (opp. 顧, as in 識記: 顧小而忘大,後必有害