Taxonomy of meanings for 里:

  • lǐ (OC: ɡ-rɯʔ MC: lɨ) 良士切 上 廣韻:【周禮五家爲鄰五鄰爲里風俗通云五家爲軌十軌爲里里者止也五十家共居止也又姓左傳晉大夫里克又漢複姓有相里氏良士切十 】
      • nSHI 76: small village (fengsutong: 50 families); small neighbourhood in a city, neighbourhood; hamlet; home village; occasionally: every village (five of these are ideally said to make up one xiang 鄉
      • part of>HUT
        • nhut
      • current use>DWELL
        • vtoNmake one's home in
    • length of> LENGTH MEASURE
      • in two dimensions> AREA MEASURE