Taxonomy of meanings for 渠:

  • 渠 qú (OC: ɡa MC: ɡiɔ) 強魚切 平 廣韻:【溝渠也亦州名宋置宕渠郡周仍爲郡武德初改置州亦有宕渠山又姓左傳衞有渠孔御戎強魚切二十六 】
    • CANAL
      • ncanal; drainage canal; drain
    • related action>DIG
      • related tool>WHEEL
        • like a wheel>SHIELD
          • like a shield>WALL
            • RIVERS
              • REGIONS
                • MALES OF ZHENG
                  • PLACE NAMES
                    • =巨BIG
                      • =詎THIRD PERSON PRONOUNS
                        • npro.adNdialecthis
                        • nprodialecthe/she/it This third person pronoun originated in the south and already appeared in texts from the Wei, Jin, and Six Dynasties periods (SANGUOZHI, however, examples prior to the Tang are rare; in ZTJ it appears ca. 40 times and it also can be found in YOUXIANKU where it is often suffixed with jiā 家). After the Yuan it only survived in a number of southern dialects as for example the Wú 吳 dialect and in Cantonese. According to LV SHUXIANG the pronoun is possibly related to pronoun qí 其.
                        • nprodialecthim, her, it
                        • nprodialectthey
                        • nproanimalthey (with reference to animals)