Taxonomy of meanings for 仙:

  • 仙 xiān (OC: sen MC: siɛn) 相然切 平 廣韻:【神仙釋名曰老而不死曰仙仙遷也遷入山也故字從人旁山相然切十二 】
    • DEITY
      • nccimmortals [By the way: is this used to refer to a single definite immortal?]
      • nadNimmortal
      • vichangebecome an immortal 仙者 "one who has become an immortal"
      • nadVanalogylike an immortal
      • nabactthe art of immortality; the way of immortality
  • 仙 xian3《集韻》息淺切,上獮心。
    • =尟(鮮)