Taxonomy of meanings for 羹:

  • 羹 gēng (OC: kraaŋ MC: kɯaŋ) 古行切 平 廣韻:【古文羹 】
  • 羹 gēng (OC: kraaŋ MC: kɯaŋ) 古行切 平 廣韻:【羮𦞦爾雅曰肉謂之羮 】
    • SOUP
      • nmthick spiced broth with rice, typically with meat, but the poor would eat what in modern Chinese is 菜羹 which at the time was also called gēng 羹
      • possible ingredient>PICKLED MEAT
        • nmspiced meat with added rice or wheat flour; another common type of gēng 羹 was simply a meat soup made thick by very long boiling
      • action>COOK