Taxonomy of meanings for 蕭:

  • 蕭 xiāo (OC: sɯɯw MC: seu) 蘇彫切 平 廣韻:【蒿也詩云采蕭穫菽亦縣名在沛郡新語云蕭斧名又姓出蘭陵廣陵二望本自宋支子食采於蕭後因爲氏漢侍中蕭彪始居蘭陵彪玄孫望之居杜陵望之孫紹復還蘭陵紹十一代孫整始過江爲廣陵人風俗通云宋樂叔以討南宫萬立御説之功受封於蕭列附庸之國漢相國蕭何即其後氏也蘇彫切十六 】
      • nArtemisia; southernwood
      • feature: sparse>RARE
        • inchoative: become sparse and dry>WITHER
      • STATES
        • NPprXiāo 蕭 (CHEN PAN 1969, 508-511)Clan: Zǐ 子 (according to the Yīn shìjiā chapter of the Shǐ jì, to the Hàn zhì, and to the Shì běn).Rank: Dependent state of Sòng 宋. Founded: The founder of the state was the Sòng noble Xiāoshū Dàxīn 蕭叔大心, who received his fief from the ruler of Sòng. According to some later sources (Xīn Táng shū and Guǎng yùn), Xiāoshū Dàxīn 蕭叔大心 was identical with Lè Dàxīn 樂大心 (the descendent of the Duke Dài of Sòng 宋戴公; 799-766 B.C.), and received his fief as a reward for his suppression of Nángōng Wàn 南宮萬 rebellion in 582 B.C. However, there are problems with this statement, because Lè Dàxīn appears in the ZUO in the entries for 535 B.C. (Zhao 7) and 501 B.C. (Ding 9). On the other hand, it cannot be excluded that there were two (or more) persons of this name. Destroyed: In 597 B.C. (Xuan 12) by Chǔ 楚. Later, the area became the part of Sòng.Location: According to the Hàn zhì, the state of Xiāo was located in the modern Xiāo 蕭 district, Anhui province.