Taxonomy of meanings for 忿:

  • 忿 fěn (OC: srid MC: ʃɪt) 父吻切 上 廣韻:【 】
  • 忿 fěn (OC: phɯnʔ MC: pʰiun) 敷粉切 上 廣韻:【怒也敷粉切又敷問切二 】
  • 忿 fèn (OC: phɯns MC: pʰiun) 匹問切 去 廣韻:【怒也 】
    • ANGER
      • nabpsychfit of anger; small fits of anger, momentary fit of anger
      • vadNmomentarily angry
      • vt[oN]suffer a transient fit of uncontrollable anger, get momentarily angry and show one's hot temper at a given point of time, lose one's temper, fly into a rage
      • vtoNcausativemake angry, cause to be angry, to anger SHIJI, Chen She