Taxonomy of meanings for 雍:

  • 雍 yòng (OC: qoŋs MC: ʔioŋ) 於用切 去 廣韻:【九州名雍擁也東崤西漢南商北居庸四山之所擁翳也又姓風俗通云文王子雍伯之後於用切又於容切三 】
    • STATES
      • NPprYōng 雍 (also written as 邕 / 雝 ) (CHEN PAN 1969, 651-655)Clan: Jī 姬. It seems that there was also the state of the same name, the rulers of which belonged to the Jí 姞 clan (according to the Huán yǔ jì). One of the consorts of Lord Zhuāng of Zhèng 鄭莊公 (743-701 B.C.) was called Yōng Jí 雍姞 (ZUO, Huan 11). According to the Shǐ jì (Zhèng shìjiā), she was from the aristocratic Yōng 雍 lineage from Sòng 宋. Maybe prior to that period, this second state of Yōng was already conquered by Sòng. Rank: Unknown. In the Hàn shū Rén biǎo, the ruler of Yōng is referred to as zǐ 子. In the inscriptions on the bronzes, the rulers of Yōng (unknown of which of the two states of that name) are referred to as wáng 王, gōng 公, bó 伯, or zǐ 子.Founded: The state of Yōng was founded in the early Western Zhōu period by one of the sons of the Zhōu king Wén 周文王. In the Lù shǐ Guó míng jì, Tōng zhì Shìzú lyè, and in the Guǎng yùn (quoting Fēngsú tōng), this person is referred to as Yōng bó 雍伯. The rulers of the Yōng bearing the Jí 姞 surname are said to be the descendants of the mythical Yellow Emperor 黃帝 (according to the Huán yǔ jì). Destroyed: Unknown. Location: Uncertain. According to the Du's commentary, Yōng was located in the modern Xiūwǔ 修武 district, Henan province. However, Huán yǔ jì locates it into the modern Ānkāng 安康 district, Shǎnxī province. It is not improbable that the state of Yōng was originally located close to the Zhōu western capital, and after 771 B.C. it shifted to the East (as was the case of some of the other states). The second state of the same name, the rulers of which belonged to the Jí 姞 clan, is located by Huán yǔ jì into the modern Qǐ 杞 district in the eastern part of Henan province.
    • RIVERS
      • REGIONS
        • = 甕
      • 雍 yōng (OC: qoŋ MC: ʔioŋ) 於容切 平 廣韻:【和也與邕略同又雍奴縣名在幽州水經云四方有水曰雍不流曰奴亦姓左傳有雍糾又於用切 】