Taxonomy of meanings for 夕:

  • 夕 xī (OC: sɢlaɡ MC: ziɛk) 祥易切 入 廣韻:【暮也字從半月又姓漢書巴郡蠻渠帥七姓有羅朴督鄂度夕龔也朴普卜切蜀有尚書令夕斌 】
      • ndusk, very late afternoon and evening before one goes to sleep
      • nadNbelonging to the evening; arising in the evening
      • nadVtimeat dusk; in the evening
      • vichangebecome evening-like 日夕
      • n[adN]time of the evening
      • concrete: slanted>SLANT
        • late audience>VISIT
          • vtoNpay an evening visit to
          • vt+prep+Npay an evening visit to
        • later>NIGHT
          • nOBI: night? (possibly a graph for 夜)
          • nadSat night; tonight
      • West>DIRECTION
        • =亦