Taxonomy of meanings for 恩:

  • 恩 ēn (OC: qɯɯn MC: ʔən) 烏痕切 平 廣韻:【恩澤也惠也愛也隱也亦姓前燕慕容皝東庠祭酒恩茂風俗通云陳大夫成仲不恩之後烏痕切三 】
      • nabacta significant generous action by a benefactor 恩不甚
      • nabdispositiongenerous loving concern;gracious generosity by superiors, primarily as an attitude, but occasionally also as manifested in action: generous gratuitous favours; emotional good-will, emotional ties; Hanfei: gratuitous kindness
      • VPt+V[0]be generous enough to V
    • LOVE
      • nabpsychgenerous love> love construed as emotional generosity