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         chǒu OC: mʰ-luʔ MC: ʈhɨu 0 Attributions
      • nsecond Earthly Branch
         hài OC: ɡɯɯʔ MC: ɦəi 0 Attributions
      • ntwelfth Earthly Branch
         wǔ OC: ŋaaʔ MC: ŋuo̝ 0 Attributions
      • nseventh Earthly Branch
         mǎo OC: mbruuʔ MC: mɣɛu 0 Attributions
      • nfourth Earthly Branch
         zǐ OC: sklɯʔ MC: tsɨ 0 Attributions
      • nfirst Earthly Branch
         yín OC: lin MC: jin 0 Attributions
      • nthird Earthly Branch
         sì OC: sɢlɯʔ MC: zɨ 0 Attributions
      • nsixth Earthly Branch
         xū OC: smid MC: sʷit 0 Attributions
      • neleventh Earthly Branch
         wèi OC: mɯds MC: mɨi 0 Attributions
      • neighth Earth Branch
         shēn OC: lʰin MC: ɕin 0 Attributions
      • nninth Earthly Branch
         chén OC: ɡljɯn MC: dʑin 0 Attributions
      • ncyclical 5; dragon; 8.1
         yǒu OC: k-luʔ MC: jɨu 0 Attributions
      • ntenth Earthly Branch

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