Taxonomy of meanings for 鄧:

  • 鄧 dèng (OC: dɯɯŋs MC: dəŋ) 徒亘切 去 廣韻:【國名周爲申國平王母申后之家戰國時地楚昭襄王取韓置南陽郡釋名曰在南中而居陽地故以爲名始皇三十六郡即其一焉隋以南陽爲縣改爲鄧州取鄧國名之又姓出南陽安定二望殷王武丁封叔父於河北是爲鄧侯後因氏焉徒亘切六 】
    • STATES
      • NPprDèng 鄧 (CHEN PAN 1969, 423-430)Clan: Màn 曼 (according to the Shì běn and to the ZUO: Huan 11; the surname also appears in the inscriptions on the bronzes). Also written as 嫚; according to some opinions, it is identical with Mán 蠻 and Mǐ 羋. Rank: Hóu 侯 (common in both CQ and ZUO). In the inscriptions on the bronze artifacts, the rulers of Dèng sometimes refer to themselves as gōng 公 or bó 伯.Founded: Unknown. It seems that the state of Dèng could have been established prior to the Western Zhōu period. According to the Lù shǐ Guó míng jì, the state was founded by the son of the Xià 仲康 ruler Zhòng Kāng 仲康; according to the Xìng jiě and Lù shǐ Hòu jì, the state was established during the reign of the Shāng 商 king Wǔ Dīng 武丁. According to the Chen Pan, the sources can refer to the two different states of the same name. Destroyed: In 678 B.C. (Zhuang 16) by Chǔ 楚. Location: According to the Hàn zhì, the state of Dèng was located in the modern Dèng 鄧 district, southern part of Henan province. According to the Chǔ shǐjiā zhēngyì and Tōng zhì Shì zú lyè, it was located in the northern part of modern Hubei province, in Xiāngfán 襄樊. History: Since the beginning of the 80ties of the 7th century, Dèng was exposed to the attacks from the side of Chǔ. In 689 B.C., the ruler of Dèng unwisely did not follow an advice of one of his ministers who recommended killing the king of Chǔ who passed the state during a military campaign. In 678 B.C., the state was destroyed by Chǔ.