Taxonomy of meanings for 荀:

  • 荀 xún (OC: sqʷlin MC: sʷin) 相倫切 平 廣韻:【草名又姓本姓郇後去邑爲荀今出潁川相倫切十四 】
    • GRASS
      • na kind of grass
    • STATES
      • NPprXún 荀 (also written as 郇; on the bronzes as 旬 ) (CHEN PAN 1969, 454-456)Clan: Jī 姬 (according to the ZUO, Huan 9).Rank: Hóu 侯 (mentioned in the ZUO, Huan 9; in the Máo shī zhuàn; and also in the inscriptions on the bronzes). In Máo shī (Cáo fēng, Xià quán), in the Current Zhū shū jǐnián, and also in some of the inscriptions on the bronzes, the ruler of Xún is also referred to as bó 伯.Founded: The state was obviously already in existence by the Early Western Zhōu period, as in the Wáng huì chapter of the Yì Zhōu shū, Xúnshū 荀叔 is mentioned together with the Duke of Zhōu 周公, Tài gōng 太公, and Kāngshū 康叔. According to the ZUO (Xi 24) and to the Máo shī jiān, the first ruler of Xún (probably identical with the above mentioned Xúnshū) was the son of Zhōu king Wén 周文王. Destroyed: The state is mentioned in the ZUO for 703 B.C. (Huan 9), and then for 636 B.C. (Xi 24). Later, it was destroyed by Jìn 晉. Location: In the area of modern Línyī 臨猗, Shānxī province (according to the Chūnqīu dì míng kǎolyè). History: After the conquest of Xún, the state of Jìn 晉 gave the area as a fief to the Jìn aristocrat Yuánshì Àn 原氏黯, thereafter known as Xúnshū 荀叔. He founded the Xún 荀 lineage (also known as the Zhōngháng 中行 lineage), which was one of the most powerful lineages in Jìn till its final anihilation in the civil war between 497-490 B.C.