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伯樂   bó mò,bà lè luò,liáo MC: paek lak OC: praaɡ ɡ-raawɡ 1 Attribution
  • NPprBó Lè 伯樂 (1) (7th century), whose real name was Sūn Yáng 孫陽, was an exemplary horse specialist in ancient China. [XUN 12.159; HNZ 2.9a, 9.22b, 11.13b] He is reported to have been a minister at the court of of Duke Mù of Qín 秦穆公 (r. 659 - 621). [HNZ 12.12b] But the context of his story in HF would actually place Bo Le around 500. Thus HF is taken to refer to another Bo Le (2) (fl. 500), also a specialist in the adjudication of horses, who was a driver for >Zhao Jianzi 趙簡子 (fl. 517-475). Stories about Bó Lè abound throughout Warring States literature, and it often remains unclear which of the two is being referred to. His name has tended to become a generic designation for specialists in the adjudication of horses, and indeed for professional specialists. LSCQ 9.5 commends Bo Le for his complete specialisation and concentration on horsemanship. [HSWZ 7.6; CC 8; ZHUANG 9; LSCQ 25.4]
樗里疾   chū lǐ jí OC: khʷrla ɡ-rɯʔ dzid MC: ʈhi̯ɤ lɨ dzit 0 Attributions
  • NPprChū Lĭjí 樗里疾 (died 300) was a younger brother of >King Hui of Qin 秦惠王  (r. 337 – 311). After a number of successful campaigns he was enfeoffed as Lord of Yan 嚴君 in 309. He ended up organising a series of aborted military campaigns on behalf of the state of Jin 晉 and figures frequently in the narratives of ZGC.  [ZGC passim] HF 34.20. Unger no. 106
秦小子憖   qín xiǎo zǐ yìn OC: dzin smewʔ sklɯʔ ŋrɯŋs MC: dzin siɛu tsɨ ŋin 0 Attributions
  • NPprUnger no. 597

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