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  • 春秋左傳 : 1


曹羈   cáo jī MC: dzaw kje OC: dzuu kral 1 Attribution
  • NPprCáo Jī 曹羈 (fl. 670) was a military dignitary from the state of Cao 曹 mentioned in CQ Zhuang 24. Having remonstrated unsuccessfully with his ruler three times, when his state of Cao was being attacked by a barbarian tribe, Cai Ji went into exile in the state of Chen 陳. This episode is commented upon in GONGYANG Zhuang 24.
曹交   cáo jiāo OC: dzuu kreew MC: dzɑu kɣɛu 0 Attributions
  • NPprUnger no. 786
曹石甫   cáo shí fǔ OC: dzuu djaɡ paʔ MC: dzɑu dʑiɛk pi̯o 0 Attributions
  • NPprUnger no. 698

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