Attributions by syntactic funtion

  • NP : 12

Attributions by text

  • 祖堂集 : 6
  • 賢愚經 : 3
  • 妙法蓮華經 : 2
  • 六祖壇經 : 1


大眾   dà zhòng OC: daads tjuŋs MC: dɑi tɕuŋ 5 Attributions
  • NPdefiniteBUDDH: the great assembly, the assembly of monks (in a monastery or another setting)
徒眾   tú zhòng OC: daa tjuŋs MC: duo̝ tɕuŋ 5 Attributions
  • NPdefiniteBUDDH: assembly of disciples (at a given place and at a certain time)
四眾   sì zhòng OC: plids tjuŋs MC: si tɕuŋ 2 Attributions
  • NPbuddhistBUDDH: the fourfold assembly, including monks (比丘), nuns (比丘尼), laymen (優婆塞), and laywomen (優婆夷); skr. catuṣ-pariṣad; pali catu-parisā

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