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  • 韓非子 : 2
  • 春秋左傳 : 2


陳泄冶   chén xiè yě MC: drin sjet dzyoX OC: ɡrliŋ sled laʔ 1 Attribution
  • NPprChén Xiè Yě, 陳泄冶 (fl. late 7th century) was a minister to >Duke Ling of Chen 陳靈公 who was executed for remonstrating against his ruler. [SY 1.4]
春申君   chūn shēn jūn MC: tsyhwin syin kjun OC: thjun lʰin klun 1 Attribution
  • NPprChūnshēn Jūn 春申君 (7th – 6th century) was a younger brother of >King Zhuang of Chu 楚莊王 (r. 613-591). We know nothing about him, though he cannot have been the famous Chunshen Jun 春申君 whose name was Huáng Xiē 黃歇 and who died in 238.
公子結   gōng zǐ jié MC: kuwng tsiX ket OC: klooŋ sklɯʔ kiid 1 Attribution
  • NPprGōngzĭ Jié 公子結 (late 6th century), also known as Zĭqī 子期 was an elder brother of King Zhao of Chu 楚昭王 (r. 515 - 489). He served as minister of war under King Píng of Chŭ 楚平王 (r. 528-516). He is mentioned for an attack on Chen 陳 which he led as a general as late as in 485. [ZUO Ai 10; GONGYANG Ai 10]. [ZUO Zhuang 19, Ding 14, Ai 6; SJ 40]
公子職   gōng zǐ zhí MC: kuwng tsiX tsyik OC: klooŋ sklɯʔ kljɯɡ 1 Attribution
  • NPprPrince Zhí 公子職 (7th century) was the second eldest son of King Cheng of Chu 楚成王 (r. 671 - 626). Prince Zhí of Chŭ 楚公子職 was crown prince >Shāng Chén's 商臣 younger brother by a different mother. When King Chéng threatened to demote his son and designated successor Shāng Chén 商臣 in favour of Prince Zhi, Shang Chen managed to forced his own father to commit suicide and established he himself as King Mù of Chŭ 楚穆王 (r. 625 - 614). [ZUO Huan 16.5; LNZ 5]
公子側 / 子反 / 司馬   gōng zǐ cè OC: klooŋ sklɯʔ skrɯɡ MC: kuŋ tsɨ ʈʂɨk zǐ fǎn OC: sklɯʔ panʔ MC: tsɨ pi̯ɐn sī mǎ OC: sqlɯ mraaʔ MC: sɨ mɣɛ 0 Attributions
  • NPprStandard Name: Gōng Zǐ Cè 公子側 Personal Name: Zǐ Fǎn 子反 Canonical Name: Sī Mǎ 司馬 Unger no. 411Zǐ Fǎn 子反 (died 575 B.C.) was a senior minister with the title sīmǎ 司馬 in Chǔ, also known as Gōngzǐ Cè 公子側. He committed suicide, according to ZUO, because he had drunk too much during battle.
楚公子申 / 子西   chǔ gōng zǐ shēn OC: skhraʔ klooŋ sklɯʔ lʰin MC: ʈʂhi̯ɤ kuŋ tsɨ ɕin zǐ xī OC: sklɯʔ sqɯɯl MC: tsɨ sei 0 Attributions
  • NPprStandard Name: Gōng Zǐ Shēn of Chǔ 楚公子申 (Died -481)Personal Name: Zǐ Xī 子西 Unger no. 409
昭陽   zhāo yáng OC: kljew k-laŋ MC: tɕiɛu ji̯ɐŋ 0 Attributions
  • NPprStandard Name: Zhāo Yáng. Unger no. 64 (Floruit ca. 328-299)
鬥辛   dòu xīn OC: toos siŋ MC: tu sin 0 Attributions
  • NPprUnger no. 764
楚公子元 / 公子元   chǔ gōng zǐ yuán OC: skhraʔ klooŋ sklɯʔ ŋɡon MC: ʈʂhi̯ɤ kuŋ tsɨ ŋi̯ɐn gōng zǐ yuán OC: klooŋ sklɯʔ ŋɡon MC: kuŋ tsɨ ŋi̯ɐn 0 Attributions
  • NPprStandard Name: Gōng Zǐ Yuán of Chǔ 楚公子元 (Died 664)Unger no. 417
沈諸梁   shěn zhū liáng OC: qhljumʔ klja k-raŋ MC: ɕim tɕi̯ɤ li̯ɐŋ 0 Attributions
  • NPprUnger no. 661
卞和   biàn hé MC: bjenH hwa OC: brons ɡool 0 Attributions
  • NPprBiăn Hé 卞和 (8th century), from the state of Chu 楚 [CC 13.3; HNZ 14.15a], also known as He Shi 和氏 “Mr He” is referred to as Mr He of Jing 荊和氏 in CC 16.5. The story is told that he presented what he considered as a precious piece of jade to King Li of Chu 楚厲王 (758 - 741) and then to King Wu of Chu 楚武王 (r. 740 – 690), but his present was rejected in both cases: his precious offering was declared to be a vulgar stone, and he was punished with extreme mutilations. He is said to have wept tears of blood, but his third attempt is said to have been successful [HNZ 19.17b]. The “jade of Mr He” became proverbial in later Chinese literature, but it seems nowhere mentioned in the early Confucian texts or in LSCQ. HF was fascinated by this story and refers to it several times. HNZ and SJ are also clearly preoccupied by the case. [MO 11; ZGC Zhao 1; SY 17.10; XINXU 1.19, 5.141; [HF 13; 20]

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