EXPLAIN OR FIX the MEANING of something.
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Old Chinese Contrasts

LEIBNIZ 6.4 p. 16: non habentur definitiones nisi provisionales.

LEIBNIZ 1704 Table de definitions, pp. 437- 28

Definitio debet substitui posse in locum definiti:

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Attributions by syntactic funtion

  • vtoN : 1

Attributions by text

  • 春秋左傳 : 1


脩 / 修   xiū OC: sqlɯw MC: sɨu xiū OC: sqlɯw MC: sɨu 1 Attribution
  • vtoNdefine carefully
限解   xiàn jiě OC: ɡrɯɯnʔ kreeʔ MC: ɦɣɛn kɣɛ 0 Attributions
  • VPtoNdefine

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