The large STICK or pole at the front of a carriage as a VEHICLE PART.
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rough draft to BEGIN TO identify synonym group members for analysis, based on CL etc. 18.11.2003. CH /

FINSTERBUSCH 1966 Verzeichnis und Motivindex der Han-Darstellungen 244


WANG LI 2000 王力古漢語字典 1397


Attributions by syntactic funtion

  • n : 12
  • NP : 2
  • vi : 1

Attributions by text

  • 韓非子 : 8
  • 論語 : 3
  • 說苑 : 2
  • 春秋左傳 : 2


   yuán OC: ɢʷan MC: ɦi̯ɐn 6 Attributions
  • none of a pair of carriage poles to which is attached a héng 衡 "cross-bar" linking these together
  • viactgo in the direction indicated by the carriage pole, i.e. straight ahead
   ní OC:  MC: ŋei 3 Attributions
  • nLY: Small piece of wood inserted in two yuán 轅 to link the héng 衡 into the two yuán 轅 "carriage poles", the single carriage pole being known as the zhōu 輈 "carriage pole".
   zhōu OC: krliw MC: ʈɨu 2 Attributions
  • nsingle carriage pole which is not one of a pair
車轅   chē yuán OC: khlja ɢʷan MC: tɕhɣɛ ɦi̯ɐn 2 Attributions
  • NPcarriage pole
   héng OC: ɢraaŋ MC: ɦɣaŋ 1 Attribution
  • ncrossbar put across one carriage pole zhōu 輈, or linking two carriage poles yuán 轅
軏 / 軏   yuè OC: ŋɡlod MC: ŋi̯ɐt wù OC: ŋɡluud MC: ŋuot 1 Attribution
  • nsmall piece of wood inerted where the zhōu 輈 meets the héng 衡.
   liáng OC: k-raŋ MC: li̯ɐŋ 0 Attributions
  • nend of a carriage pole
   mù OC: mooɡ MC: muk 0 Attributions
  • nleather-band around the pole of a carriage
   zhǒng OC: tjoŋʔ MC: tɕi̯oŋ 0 Attributions
  • nmetal piece put at the end of the carriage pole on the "other" side of the axle to prevent the carriage pole from being pulled out of its bearings
   fàn OC: blomʔ MC: bi̯ɐm 0 Attributions
  • ncentral part of the carriage pole
   qú OC: ɡo MC: gi̯o 0 Attributions
  • nwooden frame put on the héng 衡 into which the horse is harnessed, at which point the qú 軥 is placed on the horse's neck
   yǐ OC: ŋralʔ MC: ŋiɛ 0 Attributions
  • nHN: ring placed on the héng 衡 to hold the horses in place
   luán OC: b-roon MC: lʷɑn 0 Attributions
  • nsmall bell attached to the héng 衡, normally suspended from it, which gives a sound when the horses are moving
衡木   héng mù OC: ɢraaŋ mooɡ MC: ɦɣaŋ muk 0 Attributions
  • NP{N1adN2}same as crossbar héng 衡

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