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愛護 is the general term for taking loving care of someone.

愛惜 focusses on the cherishing care and the desire not to diminish or lose what one cares for.

吝惜 is caring for in which the possessive side of things becomes prominent.

珍惜 focusses on the often aesthetic appreciation of what one cares for, but it is to be noted that the word is also used reflexively as in 珍惜自己.

愛護 focusses on the protective side of the caring for.

呵護 he1hu4 focusses on the neediness of what one cares for.







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Attributions by syntactic funtion

  • vtoN : 30
  • vtoN : 19
  • VPtoN : 4
  • vt[oN] : 1
  • VPt prep N : 1

Attributions by text

  • 墨子 : 29
  • 說苑 : 6
  • 呂氏春秋 : 4
  • 禮記 : 3
  • 荀子 : 3
  • 太平經 : 3
  • 春秋繁露 : 2
  • 申鑒 : 2
  • 阮籍集四卷 : 2
  • 韓詩外傳 : 1


   ài  MC: 'ojH  OC: qɯɯds  43 Attributions
  • vtoNtake good care of; 好好照顧
  • vt[oN]nonreferentialcare well for people
  • vtoNespeciallytake special/preferential care for
  • nabloving care, preferential care for others
  • vtoNpsychologicalbe concerned for the well-being of
  • vtoNderivedpsychological: be psychologically concerned for; be preoccupied with
   qīn MC: tshin OC: tshiŋ 3 Attributions
  • vtoNcare for with loving attention
   yǎng MC: yangX OC: laŋʔ 2 Attributions
  • vtoNtake good care of
持養   chí yǎng MC: dri yangX OC: ɡrlɯ laŋʔ 2 Attributions
  • VPtoNtake care of
牧養   mù yǎng MC: mjuwk yangX OC: mɯɡ laŋʔ 1 Attribution
  • VPtoNtake fatherly/shepherdly good care of> govern kindly
博愛   bó ài  MC: pak 'ojH  OC: paaɡ qɯɯds  1 Attribution
  • nabactfar-reaching loving care
存心   cún xīn MC: dzwon sim OC: sɡɯɯn slɯm 1 Attribution
  • VPt prep Nfocus one's mind on
   xī 1 Attribution
  • vtoNreflexive.自take sympathetic care for
愛養   ài yǎng MC: 'ojH yangX OC: qɯɯds laŋʔ 1 Attribution
  • VPtoNreflexive.自take good care of and nurture onself
   yù OC: ŋɡoɡ MC: ŋi̯ok 0 Attributions
  • vtoNSHI: care for; show loving concern for
    MC:  OC:  0 Attributions
  • VPt prep Nfocus one's mind on

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