Taxonomy of meanings for 紂:

  • 紂 zhòu (OC: ɡrluʔ MC: ɖiu) 除柳切 上 廣韻:【殷王号也方言云自關而東謂䋺曰紂俗作𩋰除柳切六 】
      • nprthe last, traditionally viewd as totally wicked, ruler of the Shāng dynasty
      • NPprSTANDARD NAME: King Dì Xīnof Shāng (reigned 1086 - 1045) ALTERNATIVE NAMES:Zhòu 紂, Zhòu Xīn 紂辛, Dì Xīn 帝辛 PARENTS: Son of >Shāng wáng Dì Yǐ商王帝乙WIVES:>Dàn Jǐ 旦己, and the daughter of Jiǔ hóu 九侯 CHILDREN: Father of >Shāng Wǔ Gēng 商武庚the twenty-ninth in the list of Shāng kings as reconstructed on the basis of the Period V ritual cyclesHF: Zhòu 紂 (died ca. 1045 B.C.) was the last emperor of the Shāng dynasty and maligned by the succeeding Zhōu for the wickedness and cruelty of his ways. He is standardly mentioned together with Jié 桀 (traditional dates 1818 - 1776 B.C.), the proverbially wicked last emperor of the Xià 夏 dynasty.
      •{NUM}counted Emperor Zho4u
      • nprnonreferentiala tyrant Zhou4, an entirely inept and wicked ruler