Taxonomy of meanings for 學:

  • xué (OC: ɡruuɡ MC: ɦɯɔk) 胡覺切 入 廣韻:【説文與斆同覺悟也斆今音效又姓出姓苑胡覺切九 】
      • vtoNimitate (something); emulate; study trying to become like> study to become
      • specific>EMULATE
        • vtoNemulate a person N; try to live up the demands of another person
      • subject-related, conative>STUDY
        • nabactthe attempt to learn about things (typically from a teacher) study; the pursuit of intellectual/moral self-development; learning
        • vadNlearned, dedicated to the pursuit of learning 博學之士
        • vibe a person of education, be a person who has engaged in proper study; be a person who has studied properly
        • vt[oN]actdevote oneself to study; be devoted to study; engage in intellectual work; work to improve oneself morally/intellectually
        • vt(+V[0])conativetry to learn to perform a contextually determinate action
        • vt(oN)conativedevote oneself to learning N; devote oneself to the practice of N
        • vt(oN)perfectivestudy successfully the contextually determinate skill N
        • vt+prep+NN=topicengage in study regarding, aim to learn
        • vt+prep+NN=humanstudy with  學於孔子
        • vt+V[0]conativetry to learn to VERB
        • vtoNN=humantry to imitate (somebody); emulate (somebody); study with (somebody)
        • vtoNobject=knowledgestudy (the rules - and sometimes the facts- about something)
        • vtoNobject=skillaim to learn (a skill); learn to read (a text), recite and understand according to received interpretation (a text); devote oneself to, apply oneself to (cultural studies etc); learn from a teacher about (a subject)
        • vtoNobject=textstudy (scil. how to read correctly) (a text)
        • vtoNpassiveto be taught, to receive instruction; to receive proper education
        • vttoN1.+prep+N2study (some skill N1) with (a master N2), study ( a subject N1) under (a master N2) 學於孔子
        • vt[oN]N=humanstudy with someone
        • vt(oN)study with; become a student of a contextually determinate person
        • study of the subject N
        • study of the studying person N
        • perfective>LEARN
          • vt(oN)learn the contextually determinate thing
          • vt+prep+Nlearn from
          • vtoNmanage to learn (something that is true)
          • nabpsychlearnedness; learning; degree of learnedness
          • result>KNOW
            • nabpsychologicalknowledge; what one has learnt, "connaissances"
            • perfective>WISE
              • object: what is learnt in a school of thought>DOCTRINE
                • nabactteaching, doctrine
          • agent>STUDENT
              • perfective>SCHOLAR
                • v[adN]scholar HF 19 人主於聽學也
            • institution for>SCHOOL
              • n(sometimes specifically publicly organised) school
              • vigo to school
        • grammaticalised, perfective: like>RESEMBLE